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Chief's Corner

Dear Citizens of Mount Washington, 

On behalf of the City of Mt. Washington, our police department, and community we welcome you to MWPD’s website.  This website is another opportunity for our agency to be transparent, provide information, and educate those we serve.  Through this website, individuals will be able to request services such as a house watch when out of town, report criminal activity, report speeding or reckless driving issues, download various forms and learn about our exemplary agency.

This agency is staffed with exemplary law enforcement professionals that have a vested interest in the safety and security of our community.  We work as a team to be proactive in preventing crime, work diligently to solve criminal activity, and effectively assist in ensuring successful prosecutions. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for both citizens and visitors to our community. We are who we are because of the quality of our officers and the relationships they develop.   


We work closely with our community, striving to provide excellent service, encouraging our officers to be engaged, proactive, and vigilant.  Our officers continually explore every opportunity to connect with our citizens and further those relationships.  Our agency remains focused on the mission and needs of those we are responsible to serve.  We implement the components of community policing while utilizing proven problem-solving methods and partnerships to address quality of life issues. We seek to identify and implement the most effective technological advances in the law enforcement profession while being fiscally responsible.      

We hope you will explore and utilize the components of this website that benefit you individually and us collectively as a community.  If you can’t locate the information desired, please contact us. Thank you for the interest and support of the Mt. Washington, KY Police Department.       


Colonel Marcus Laytham

Chief of Police

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Col. Marcus Laytham
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